Heidelberg GTO 52 Z (2 Color) Ref.no: Interco 178

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Heidelberg GTOZ 52+

Year 1989

36×52 – 2 Colors

ca. 54 mio impressions

Equipped with :    Aquatron Dampening    Royse Refrigeration System    Sheet Feeder    Segmented Ink Knives Apex Color    Quick Release Clamps    Bacher Pin Register    Plate Punch Included    Blanket Washers Washmatic    Powder Sprays Weko    Machine with Standard Compressors    Plus Version

Machine in very good condition,

Machine Info

  • Category,
  • Size36 x 52 cm
  • Age1989
  • Machine Location In stock
  • Availableimmediately
  • PriceOn Request

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